"Social Work" master's programs in Artsakh continue to run smoothly


Although Artsakh has been under siege/blockade for more than 150 days, Social Work master program courses continue to go on as usual.

Future professionals who aim to help others overcome the daily problems and crises they face make the most effort to master professional subjects.

The teaching staff of Artsakh State and Mesrop Mashtots universities, in turn, with the support of YSU Sociology faculty lecturers, fulfill the tasks set before them and try to ensure maximum efficiency.

The "Development of social sector workforce capacity for a resilient Artsakh" program, which was the imperative of the moment to support the creation and strengthening of the institutional foundations of social work in Artsakh after the war, continues to be a primary need to provide quality social services to the population of Artsakh, as well as the socio-psychological support of people affected by the war. request for support.

The implementation of the master's program is carried out within the framework of the project "Effective implementation of the social services system and strengthening of the workforce for the sake of sustainable Artsakh" financed by the Armenian educational institution with the support of the Artsakh government.


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