Competition for the selection of the Consulting Firm


Development of the Project Management Information System for Monitoring and Evaluation

The “Armenian Association of Social Workers” non-governmental organization (hereafter AASW) announces a competition for the selection of the Consulting Firm to implement the Development of the Project Management Information System for Monitoring and Evaluation assignment within the framework of the “Promoting Social Inclusion and Self-Reliant Livelihood Activities in Armenia” Project (hereinafter Project). 

The main objective of this assignment is to support the implementation of the Project, specifically to develop the web-based Project Management Information System (MIS) for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) for accurate and timely Project management, monitoring, data collection, and reporting as well as to enable the Project team to track over the progress and delivery of the project indicators at various levels of project implementation. The MIS will help to align project implementation with the Project’s Results Framework and Monitoring.

Scope of work

  1. i) Under the guidance and supervision of the representative of the Project Implementing Agency (Project M&E specialist) the Consultant shall develop, implement and operationalize Project MIS to track project activities and results against targets for improved project planning, better management oversight, accurate donor reporting and timely program decision-making. The MIS shall have at least the following main modules:
  • Data Entry Module;
  • Administration Module;
  • Reporting Module;
  • Dashboard;
  • Database.
  1. ii) The MIS functionality should be comprising of the following:
  • To allow registration of various types of users, including but not limited to 1) Team members, 2) at least 200 social workers, 3) at least 600 BMS trainees, 4) SW trainers, 5) BMS trainers.
  • To create records for all main Project activities (meetings, workshops, trainings, sub -grant disbursement, coaching sessions, trade fair exhibitions, etc.), and allow Project staff members to make relevant data entry, including import of data and information files in the formats as Word, Excel, pdf, jpg, etc. (e.g. List of Participants, Date, Name, Place, Photos, Report, attendance sheets, training evaluation forms etc.).
  • The MIS interface will be available both in English and Armenian, with a possibility of bi-lingual data entry.
  • MIS must have import/export functionality to allow data and information to be imported/exported to and from other formats e.g. Word, Excel, pdf, jpg.
  • MIS will display required Project indicators and measurable results based on Project’s Results Framework, including creation and generation of specific reports.
  • The MIS must be able to process data and disaggregate information for all project activities, user types, indicators, beneficiaries, age and sex categories and location.
  • Prepare periodic data analysis reports.

iii) The MIS shall satisfy the following technical requirements:

  • The proposed solution shall be a secure web-based system. It shall have the capability to be interfaced with a wide variety of hardware and software with a high level of security for the protection of data. The MIS has to be stored on a dedicated server space with proper security certificates maintained by PIA.
  • The MIS should be user friendly, interactive, accessible by staff, beneficiaries and other users (guest users) from various remote locations.
  • The system should store a big amount of data.
  • The system must incorporate data backup on a daily basis.
  • The MIS shall provide a fast and efficient searching mechanism in relevant forms using the alphabet, numbers and alphanumeric characters,
  • The MIS should be flexible enough to accommodate the frequent changes and open to customization as required in future.

The Consulting Company satisfy the following qualifications and requirements

  • A proven experience (presented in Consultant’s profile) of development of similar IT tools, including designing and developing of web-based multi-user (several hundred users) platforms, website development services (at least two letters of references on implementation of similar assignments should be provided).
  • Experience of design and development of internal management platforms, development and maintenance of unified corporate web-based solutions for an integrated website and documents library system or customer relationship management tools, design of IT systems with high level of security, development of customer relationship management systems (is an advantage) 
  • Experience of development of monitoring, evaluation, audit and other similar IT tools (is an advantage)
  • Experience of IT development in social sector (is an advantage).


All interested Consulting Companies meeting the above-listed requirements are requested to submit their Expression of Interest to the e-mail address below until May 27, 2021.

Please clearly indicate the title of the position (Development of the Project Management Information System for Monitoring and Evaluation) in the subject line of the e-mail. Please note that only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for the interview.


Tel: (374 93) 514499 (for questions and clarifications)



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